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About CompuDataCloud Hosting Services

Secure ERP Hosting Services for Small to Midsize Businesses

CompuDataCloud is a secure private cloud environment for hosting business applications such as ERP, CRM, HR and other IT service applications.  CompuData Inc, a leading provider of ERP services for small to midsize business. CompuData has over 46 years in delivering ERP solutions that improve productivity and profitability.

Why Do I Need a Cloud Environment?

Cloud data security and reliability is undoubtedly the concern for many organizations. With CompuDataCloud’s secure SSL, data encryption and automatic backups provided, your data is always protected in a highly monitored environment. CompuDataCloud cloud solutions offer you the piece of mind to manage your “real business” IT needs instead of managing IT hardware and infrastructure needs—allowing you to create a technologically driven organization that boosts productivity.

What is a Virtual Private Cloud?

Unlike public clouds where everyone’s data is lumped in together, with CompuDataCloud’s dedicated cloud environments, each organization has it’s own cloud hosting space specially built for the organization’s need. This allows us to work with you to create customized cloud hosting solutions for your business’ unique needs. CompuDataCloud is all about creating a solution that powers your end user applications with security, mobile freedom while fulfilling your organization’s goals.


What applications can I host with CompuDataCloud?

CompuDataCloud is available and ready to host a variety of business applications from ERP, CRM, HR and IT applications. Some applications that we’ve worked with include; Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 500, Sage CRM Sage X3, Epicor ERP, Macola, Microsoft Dynamics, among others. If you are looking to host an application not listed contact us.

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